Custom Coil Winding/Windings.

  • Custom Coil Winders to the Electronics Industries
  • Some of the Range of Coils we Produce
  • Serving all Comercial and Military Sectors
  • Making Good use of Renewable Energy
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Eurowindings Ltd is an innovative and well respected winding company with an established and varied client base in the UK.

We are located in the south of Spain which enables us to reduce our overheads by making use of free renewable resources such as solar and wind energy. This allows us to offer our customers highly competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our Winding.

We Manufacture:-

  1. Coil Winding
  2. Toroidal Inductor
  3. Toroidal Transformers
  4. Transformers Windings.
  5. Inductors
  6. Common Mode Choke
  7. Choke Inductor
  8. Mag Amps
  9. Air Coils

To find out what Eurowindings can do for your company or to receive a free non-obligatory Coil Winding quote contact us today.

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